Eye Color: UNKNOWN
Species: UNKNOWN
Ability: UNKNOWN
Element: UNKNOWN
Occupation: UNKNOWN
Weapons: UNKNOWN
Factions and Culture

Daughther of Anubis. Former General of his army during the second Genesis War.

During the second Genesis War, Setko became distraught and began to hate the horrors of war, once born as an innocent daughter to her father. Never imagining herself as the general, even with her vast abilities, she wasn't able to handle the war. Before the last battle, in a desperate attempt to turn the advantage over to himself, Osiris persuaded and talked Setko into fleeing her father's grasp, knowing she was brittle in nature, and did not want a part in the war. He knew if he could get ahold of her, and take her powers, he could have enough advantage to overthrow and kill her father, Anubis, and his army.

Obtaining most of her powers from birth from Anubis, she used her ability to manipulate time, but to the point no one had seen before, to quickly flee her father's reign and the awful war she was forced into. She used her power so much so that it teleported her thousands of years in the future, though killing her at the same time. In one last attempt to continue her legacy and taste freedom, she reincarnated herself as Raphial in the future before she lost her life.

Setko was kind in nature, and was one of the many good sides to Anubis, and was the only person who could persuade Anubis' heart. When she fled, it devastated him, and turned the once assume victory to his war in the last battle of the second Genesis War. Out of anger for the loss of his daughter and the result of the war being once again at a stalemate, he sent his best hunters after her for treason. This shrouding his mind for good, and corrupting what little left of his heart there was. Because of his greiving for his brother, and now his daughter, Anubis turned evil and distraught. Losing his mind and focus on his role as guardian of the living world, and the gate between worlds.