Birthdate: August 12th, 4025
Eye Color: Red
Height: 5' 11"
Race: Shezue
Species: White wolf
Ability: Fire, electricity
Element: Fire
Occupation: Bounty Hunter, Avralian Recon Ops
Weapons: UNKNOWN
Factions and Culture
Avralian Fleet
Taliac Clan
Shezue Guard
Avralian Recon Ops
Brother of Eloe. Reincarnation of Setko, the daughter of Anubis.
																Raphial was born during the Invasion when people were poverty stricken, and their solar system nearly fell to ruin because of the Galora. His father, Clyde, became a war hero in the effort of defeating the mothership of the Galora that controlled the campaign and invasion on their home world and solar system. Because of the timing of his birth, Raphial's childhood was very short lived, especially with the death of his father at the end of the war. He was quickly thrown into the military as a teenager, and had known nothing more than combat since. His half-brother, Eloe, had gone missing after the war resided, which kept Raphial looking for answers during his life.

Raphial became an expert in many fields in the military, determined to become as strong as his brother and father. Because of this, Raphial gained the respect of many, and became experienced in many different positions and fields. During one of his many missions, he met Bitrous Lavander, or Bit for short, who later became his future wife and mother of his child, Spark McDuffy. Since then, he decided to settle down and became an auto mechanic in a small town on planet Karnak, holding back the memories of war and his military missions.

When Eloe, his older half-brother, came about after hiding for over a decade, the Civil War started, Eloe being a dictator of a political movement that started the war. Desperate for answers, and to stop his older brother, Raphial quickly got back into the military, creating a team of old comrades with special abilities and skills to fight off Eloe's desperate attempt to take over their solar system.

Raphial is also an elemental wielder, and has the ability to control fire, and through years of training and experience using that same fire ability, he is also able to create and manipulate lightning. Because of the rarity of someone having the ability to control fire, Raphial became a prodigy and some even believe a prophecy. Through these abilities, he is the only soldier that can come close to matching Eloe's strength.