Eye Color: UNKNOWN
Species: UNKNOWN
Ability: UNKNOWN
Element: UNKNOWN
Occupation: UNKNOWN
Weapons: UNKNOWN
Factions and Culture

The god of the dead, and the god of the Underworld.

Osiris, one of the three Creation Brothers, was given the role of ruler of the Underworld since the beginning of our timeline. During many years of patience, he grew wrestless and anxious, and one day, tried forcing his way into the role that the youngest brother, Horus, had obtained. In a desperate attempt, Osiris launched an attack on the living world during the Genesis wars, and assassinated his younger, innocent brother, Horus. Because of this, Anubis was enraged, and stepped in to fight off Osiris. Eventually, both hit a stalemate, and Osiris was casted back into the Underworld. He then waited many, many years watching his older brother, Anubis, become angry and corrupt at the loss of their brother. When Anubis was at his weakest, Osiris launched another attack to take over the living plane, and the two, yet again, hit a stalemate. Though this second time, Osiris was able to have an advantage by secretly convincing Anubis' daughter, Setko, to flee the last battle they would have. He took advantage of her kindness and warm heart by making her regret the war entirely, and she fled from Anubis, which crippled his military. Osiris then fought Anubis at his weakest position, but still failed. 

However, both sides took heavy casualties, and both sides retreated once again. Before Osiris joined the Underworld once more, he sent out a handful of hunters, just like Anubis, to find Setko, and steal her power. He figured by the time Setko was found, both of them would be in a long slumber, and Anubis would have lost a lot of his power temporarily, and his army would have been weak. By stealing Setko's abilities, he would have an immediate advantage to once again attempt another war on the living plane.

Osiris has the ability to control the dead, and can even resurrect the dead to full life. He has the ability to control most elements, but mostly favors ice. He can also absorb the power and souls of others, killing his enemy by simply obtaining their soul without doing anything else. He also has the ability to warp in and out of darkness, much like how Anubis can mold himself to darkness. However, he can only do this so many much during a certain amount of time. He also possesses many different weapons and blades long lost in the thousands of years of battle and war waged by different people and species across the galaxy, and weilds some of the most powerful weapons ever assembled and built. Often times seen with several demons at his side.

Presently, Osiris lies dormant in wait for his hunters' return.

During the Genesis wars, remnants of Anubis' and Osiris' powers had been stranded across the galaxy, more on planet Glythe than anywhere else. Because of this, many different people over the last several thousands of years found themselves with unnatural and powerful abilities linked to the gods' powers.