Birthdate: xx xx, xxxx
Eye Color: Red and blue
Height: 6'
Race: Shezucan
Species: Gray Wolf
Ability: Ability to harness all elements. Can manipulate and create pyroglytheum.
Element: Lightning
Occupation: Dictator
Weapons: Thanatos, his scimetar
Factions and Culture
Spec Op
Standark Militia
Absolute Soldier
																Eloe is usually misunderstood as a sure, enraged fool with more power than needed. Most don't understand how he went through practical torture through his training for S.P.E.C. to be their good soldier, and how he used to be a very good person. However, through slowly learning about history and the norm, he began to hate people, and became jealous of their ability to have a normal life without war. He began to despise everyone, and soon enraged himself so much, that he lost all morality.  Eloe is also known around society as "The Devil" that was created by the S.P.E.C. before the Avralian Fleet found out he escaped. What most do not realize is his talents suggest he is even more deadly and dangerous than most believe. His power through the exceeding concentrations of Pyroglytheum give him abilities never seen before, even surpassing his mentor and former war hero, Clyde.

To be a hero
Eloe was created as an altered clone of SPEC's previous successful experiment, Clyde Mcduffy. Using advanced technology not available to most, they were able to alter and give Eloe abilities not seen before. They infused his entire body with Glytheum, making him a concentrated ballast of a mutagen able to mutate and manipulate nature. After he was released from his experiments, he was given to Clyde to mentor while he matured; it wasn't long before Eloe caught on quick with the military and SPEC Ops training. He soon started taking on missions with Clyde, bringing down major big name villains, including drug lords, powerful mercenaries, and more. This was also the time the Great War happened, and it wasn't long before Eloe and Clyde began taking part in the front lines, taking on major battles head on. Sadly, it wasn't long before the harshes of war and battle began to change his psyche, being immature still and new to the world. After the war ended, and he and Clyde made a good reputation for themselves, Eloe began to doubt his future planned out for him, and became violently rebellious. The only person he refused to harm was his mentor, who was like a father to him, but not even he could stop him, and soon, Eloe rebelled one last time, and fled his prison hold on SPEC Station X leaving hundreds wounded and many dead. Through years of hiding, he perfected his talents, and became even more of a formidable opponent. He soon became a legend, then myth, and then soon people forgot about him.