Birthdate: 07 05, 7028
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5' 11
Race: Shezucan
Species: White Wolf (Aspros Lycaon)
Ability: Superb strength, and the ability to create and manipulate any kind of electricity.
Element: Lightning
Occupation: S.P.E.C. Operative
Weapons: Thelisi, one of the three legendary Eclipse blades.
Factions and Culture
A Hero
																Suited with his Avralian Captain's uniform covered  by a duster with his giant blade Thelisi (One of the three legendary Eclipse Blades), Clyde is a serious formidable opponent and a well respected hero among society. He was once a simple Avralian grunt soldier, but he moved up in his ranks, and through the help with SPEC, he was able to obtain unnatural power and abilities that gave him the advantage to many, many battles he fought.

Calm and intelligent by nature, Clyde can also turn corners real quick in battle, always throwing his opponents off guard. He wields formidable strength and control of objects around him that possess any traits of Pyroglytheum, a substance found in many, many plant life and the earth around. He's the first to control Glytheum, and because of this, he can manipulate anything possessing it, even people in some cases. Often times he'll control plant life around him, making roots and trees bend to his will freely with little to no concentration.

Clyde is also Raphial's father, taking care of his son until the end when he was murdered by his former partner, Eloe. Because of this, Raphial sought revenge for his father's death, and it influenced most of his life. After his death, Clyde became a very respected figure among all society, often times being called the father of war who fought for what was right until death, and wanted nothing but peace and happiness for everyone.