Birthdate: 12 04, 4075
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5' 8
Race: Shezucan
Species: Fox
Ability: Has abnormal influence over creatures and plantlife, almost able to manipulate the world around her.
Element: N/A
Occupation: Bounty Hunter
Weapons: Glytheum-Powered Zylem Industries 454 .500 sniper rifle
Factions and Culture
Avralian Fleet
Taliac Clan
Avralian Recon Ops
Miss Purple
																Avala was originally from a secret clan that was called the Thamens. The Thamens were known to be the last pure family of the ancient Taliac people from centuries back. Keeping their family pure for hundreds and hundreds of years, what little fame they had was well respected. Some even considered them the "royal family". Avala was also a chosen ambassedor for the Thamen family for the "outsiders" of the world. She was to be married to a politician to help the family's positive fame and to balance out their political views; a show of teamwork. However, Avala refused.

Advance years later, and she was found on Eloe's station, the AFSS Damper. When Raphial and his team boarded this ship in order to ambush Eloe, they found Avala, and rescued her before fleeing the scene after being overrun by Standark milita soldiers. From then on, Avala and Raphial started to form a relationship with each other. Before long, she joined the team with Raphial's permission. Strong witted and caring, she quickly became one of the Fleet's best assets.