Eye Color: UNKNOWN
Species: UNKNOWN
Ability: UNKNOWN
Element: UNKNOWN
Occupation: UNKNOWN
Weapons: UNKNOWN
Factions and Culture

The guardian of the gate between the living world and the afterlife. Keeper of the realm in between both worlds and deminsions.

During the Genesis era, when Osiris, Anubis' brother, tried taking over the world of the living from his position as ruler of the Underworld, Anubis stepped in, and stopped his younger brother. But it was too late for the Horus, god of the living. Osiris killed him before Anubis could stop him. In rage over Horus' death Anubis fought Osiris to kill him. A war broke out between the two powerful brothers, a war that started the timeline for the galaxy. One by one, both sides fell into ruin more and more, and near a stalemate, both called a truce. Osiris retreated back into the Underworld to lie dormant for hundreds of years, where as Anubis took back his role, and took responsibility for Horus' role as the god of the living.

However, the strain and stress of keeping both positions for Anubis was enormous, and over time, his mind was corrupted. He mourned the loss of his younger brother Horus; Osiris took advantage of this many years after the first war, and waged another war after preparing for hundreds of years. Both sides, again, hit a stalemate, but no without much regret. What little life had begun throughout the galaxy was destroyed, and both sides suffered even heavier casualties than the war before. Osiris, once again, retreated back to the Underworld, and Anubis, again, took back his two positions. However, his mind was corrupt, and he had become angry and hateful towards the world.

During the Genesis wars, remnants of Anubis' and Osiris' powers had been stranded across the galaxy, more on planet Glythe than anywhere else. Because of this, many different people over the last several thousands of years found themselves with unnatural and powerful abilities linked to the gods' powers. 

Anubis has the power of possession, all of the elements, and the ability to slow down, or stop, time temporarily. He also has the ability to control pure, raw Pyroglytheum, and is able to create life out of some inanimate objects. He can also control plantlife and the creatures around him. Because of his opposing powers to Osiris, the two brothers always met a stalemate in battle. Anubis is also able to transport himself and mold himself into the shadows, having the ability of teleportation the moment he is in the dark. He possesses a very bright purple lightning element that was used to cast Osiris himself back to the Underworld.

Presently Anubis is dormant and awaiting the day he is needed for another war.

Anubis' daughter, Setko, was assigned as Anubis' General to his army during the last Genesis war, but after realizing her father's corrupt nature, and how harsh the war was, she fled her position, accepting treason to the highest degree, punishable by death. However, she possessed a lot of her father's powers, and used all of her power to transport herself into the future by thousands and thousands of years. She died through this vast transition, but was resurrected as Raphial. Because of her treason, Anubis sent several hunters after her to hunt her down for thousands of years. One of the few that survived for so long possessed Eloe, a corrupted and upset super soldier. This demon used his body to continue to hunt for Setko while also creating chaos among his solar system.